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Walking Clips,booty clips reason,No More Skinny Models,no skinny booties,shake butt,shake that butt,booty shake ass,ass shake video,shake your ass watch yourself,big ass shake,shake that phat ass,shake that ass watch yourself,shake her ass,shake tht ass,ass shake clip
Walking Clips,booty clips reason,No More Skinny Models,no skinny booties,shake butt,shake that butt,booty shake ass,ass shake video,shake your ass watch yourself,big ass shake,shake that phat ass,shake that ass watch yourself,shake her ass,shake tht ass,ass shake clip

Walking a Sexy Walk—You May Get Some Cash!

Get Cash!

We are paying $20 each for great walking or booty dancing clips that we decide are good enough. Make sure they are clips you own and have the rights to and that feature you, since if they contain anyone but you, we have to go get their permission (we'd prefer THEY contact us with the clips they are in).

We do not want nude clips, so please wear a minimum of a thong and bra, or lingerie, or a bikini, or other brief outfit, so we’re not “R-rated.” Walk, dance, or both as yummy as you can so everyone is hot to see your clips!

PLEASE DO NOT DO WALKING OR BOOTY DANCING IN FRONT OF ANYTHING YOU DON’T HAVE SOLE RIGHTS TO, SUCH AS background posters/pictures/photos, logos or art or designs on clothing or in the background or on storefronts. (Suggested background: plain wall, wallpaper, brick wall, fence, grass, sidewalk or street without signs or billboards.) We cannot use clips that infringe on anyone’s rights or copyrights. Any music or sounds are fine, since we don’t use sounds in submitted clips, or we supply our own. If we like your clips enough, we may wish to offer you a deal, like we did with Fanny and Tassy, who got their own DVDs.

If you send us clips, send to Pin the Tail on the Culture
Booty Clips
PO Box 23333
Eugene, OR 97402

More info is here.

Walking Clips Reason

Q: I don’t get what the walking or booty dancing clips are for—can you explain?

Q: I don’t get what the walking or booty dancing clips are for—can you explain?

A: The reason one might have trouble understanding what category our overall intent and context fits into is that it fits into no set model whatsoever. We've broken new ground with the ladies’ body types, etc.

As far as point-counterpoint goes, you're enmeshed in it the moment the clips begin. You're looking at the "forbidden female"—the type you're never supposed to acknowledge even the existence of. The type you’ll never see on primetime shows because the diet industry, fast-food industry, exercise equipment industry have all unconsciously colluded with the media and Hollywood to create an impossible female body image role model. This role model is designed to create a deep sense of dissatisfaction (currently 89%, according to polls) in girls and women everywhere about the way they look. This is the type the supermodels are and some of the stars are, and the stars that are less thin than this model are forever criticizing themselves on and off camera as having "fat butts" or "too much junk in the trunk" even though their butts are either normal sized or smaller.

The other type of females on TV is the fatties, whose overt roles are maids, cooks, comedians, the loser that can't get a date, etc., and yet their covert role is to remind everyone what will happen to them if they don’t buy lots of diet food, diet books, diet courses, exercise equipment, and diet pills. The Drop Dead Diva lady is forever fretting about the unfairness of getting stuck in a fatty body when she used to be skinny. The message would hardly go over the heads of 5-year-old girls. These diet industry purveyors of low self-esteem get everyone either consuming lots of diet products or giving up in disgust and consuming lots of fast food, often becoming a fatty. Hence the obesity statistics. Most females oscillate between the two for many years, and therefore they consume great quantities of clothing products as well, and only a fraction of the clothes in their closets actually fit.

Our POINT, then, is that this is how all these corporations maximize profits via the spread of unhappiness and dissatisfaction, and we’d like to change that. Their COUNTERPOINT would be that the country keeps getting more and more overweight, and they're simply selling products to help people with this problem. This is, of course, a superficial, simplistic, reductionistic analysis offered as a smokescreen. They know that our deeper analysis above is what is really going on.

Our next POINT is that Hollywood, the media, the diet industry, et al., have tried (and succeeded brilliantly) so hard to make the scrawny model body the national female role model that the backside blessed don’t even show up for casting calls because they're not even on any agents’ lists because they know that no one will let them do on-camera work, so they’ve given up, and we’d like to change this too. And their COUNTERPOINT is that they don’t bring in the ratings that skinny ladies do, so why should they throw away money? Isn't it their fiduciary duty to company and stockholder to maximize profits?

Of course, it’s a lie. A few calypigian ladies snuck by the casting directors and agents, probably by wearing girdles or body-concealing clothes: When Jenna Oy (Six) on Blossom and The Parkers, Crystal Bernard on Wings, Tracey Gold on Growing Pains, and Jennifer Esposito on Spin City were at their cheekiest, there wasn’t the slightest dip in ratings. If anything, they went up, since they were more fun to watch, even though directors often made the ladies wear loose shirts hanging over their tails to please Hollywood-brainwashed network brass. And J.Lo was at her cheekiest when she did her acclaimed depiction of the late Mexican star Selena in a two-hour movie, and all she got from the media is the title of the lady with the "world-class ass." Hardly a ratings robbing accolade!

And then there's Six on the sci-fi cartoon Tripping the Rift, a sexy space romp with a lead character with a big protuberant rear and two bouncy boobs all of which jiggle around with amazing animated appeal. Why did such a character evolve, if Hollyweird says that only little rears on models are appealing? The answer is more than a little revealing. Here's a hint: at the same time Rift was filling the need for bigger rear acceptance, Stripperella, another cartoon (which actually arrived on the scene a bit before Rift), was showing us a stripper superhero with big boobs and butt. Now here’s where it really gets revealing: At first her butt was very big, but it later got trimmed down to fit American tastes, since an American Hollyweird-brainwashed producer was behind it, and Pam Anderson (who the character is modeled after and who does the voice) wanted to obey the taste standards of the Hollyweird dictatorship. But Six’es rear on Tripping the Rift stayed big and voluptuous and jiggly. AND THIS IS BECAUSE THIS PROGRAM WAS CONCEIVED AND PRODUCED IN CANADA, where the insane hypocritical Hollyweird values don’t dictate taste nearly as much!

But why not give the backside blessed a chance and let the ratings honestly tell the producers, networks, and advertisers if they're "good for box office" or not? Simple: The backside blessed are a walking exposé on the entire conspiracy. The diet industry and exercise equipment industry have desperately pushed their "baby-fat is ugly" motto to kids and "body fat is ugly" motto to adults for many years. And yet all the above stars have proven that voluptuous backsides are "good box office," even though most eventually caved in to studio pressure to slim down. And what's more, we all see in our schools and on our streets beautiful backside blessed girls and ladies that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that baby fat and body fat are both gorgeous in the right places. It’s only when girls or women have big guts, obesity, fat thighs or arms, or any other actual problems with being overweight that body fat is not attractive. A truly pretty woman’s body has curves. Ally McBeal had a pretty face but few curves. Simply put: Her face was pretty; her body wasn't. Supermodels with curves (some have few; a few have none) usually have ample breasts and thin waists but little rears.

So it’s a fact that a full, shapely, voluptuous rear is pretty. It’s a fact that the public knows this, and not just about J.Lo but about ladies in general. But it’s also a fact that the public has been media-brainwashed that body fat is ugly, evil, to be discarded lest one faces rejection or ostracism. The POINT of our walking or booty dancing clips, then, is to call them on their deception, their hypocrisy, their scam. Their COUNTERPOINT is to keep the deception going to further the profit motive.

Are we just paranoid? Ask anyone who's had to treat heartbreaking anorexia and bulimia cases why these people are wrecking their bodies and health and even dying. Are they doing it because they feel they look good as concentration camp victims? Or could it be that we’re right and they were simply too weak to withstand the media’s incessant brainwashing since the moment they were born? Ask the better doctors, psychologists, sociologists, and social commentators, trying to avoid the ones who are in the pockets of certain already-cited industries.


POINT: One of our sites has ladies who are trying to sell exercise videos (they are the stars). Will they succeed? We say there's a market for exercise videos for ladies with shapely body fat centering on the rear, and that looks attractive, and who are in no way trying to change their bodies or reduce body fat but just simply stay healthy and in shape. It is our contention that that site’s ladies are in great shape. COUNTERPOINT: It’s hard to compete in a saturated market. They probably won't succeed, goes the logic.

POINT: Amber Tamblyn was simply adorable on Joan of Arcadia. Our spoof on it (Throne of A.R.C.) is a tribute to her and her TV show. COUNTERPOINT: You’re making God into a comedian, goes the logic.

POINT: We’re paying tribute to Benny Hill and several other comedians with our 6 Uncle Wacko and Fanny DVDs. COUNTERPOINT: You’re ripping him off, goes the logic. (The Keystone Kops and Charlie Chaplin invented speeded up chases, and Benny admitted getting it from these comedians—as do we.)

POINT: We feel that the rumps of our backside blessed ladies are very pretty and deserve no less camera time than any other part of them. People who don’t like it should surf away. COUNTERPOINT: You’re being exploitative showing rears as much as other parts, goes the logic (don't we know they're EVIL?).

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Shake Butt When You Walk—You May Get $$$!
Send us your walking clips—you may get cash.
Shake butt when you walk—you may get money.
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