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About Me


My name is Tassy. Thank you for visiting my site.
I am 20 years old in the 2008 photos and videos on this site. I grew up in the state of Washington. Now I live in Oregon and I love it here.

I love to dance, to sing, to be silly, to have good conversations, and to inspire others. I love animals. I have a cat right now, but hope to have lots of other pets eventually.

I like smiling and helping other people learn how to enjoy life and not be sad. I like laughing, massage, and listening to loud music.

Life is about being happy, because if you're not happy... well than what's the point? Find the little things in life that make you smile; dance while you brush your teeth, listen to music while you clean your house; help someone out; and remember to focus on the good things instead of the bad in every situation!

Start a new hobby and remember to smile.

I think you will smile when you see the rest of my site. So be sure to join up.

More about me:

I've had lots of jobs in my life; I've worked since I was twelve years old. I've worked in lots of different office situations, as a barista (coffee bartender), and I'm also a licensed beautician.

I love to travel. I hope to eventually have two homes, one in Oregon and one is another part of the world. And I'll live half the year in each. I spend a lot of time exploring beautiful places in Oregon, too.

I love hot weather. I thrive on it.

I'm a free spirit and love spending time each summer at the country fair in Oregon. This summer I went as a bunny. And you know bunny's don't wear much. At least not on top!

I can change what I look like with makeup or wigs. I'm special that way; I have a lot of different looks (which you can see in my comedy skits); I guess I'm a special kind of chameleon.

I never wear underwear. I feel more free without it.

I especially like to hike. I go on a hike about once a week. Funny thing about hiking—it makes my butt bigger. And I love my bottom. So a hike every week keeps me and my butt in great shape! And that reminds me of something: I believe that Hollywood, the fashion industry, and the media in general always using skinny, anorexic-looking females as body role models for women and girls to emulate is wrong and corrupt, and I'm glad to be part of Pin the Tail on the Culture’s effort to present more curvaceous, bootylicious females as body role models to be emulated.

I also do yoga. This helps me feel peaceful and calm and centered.

I don't own a TV or computer! I would rather spend time with friends than spend time emailing friends! I'd rather spend time with friends than watch other people pretending to be friends on TV.

I used to be a vegetarian, but I'm not any longer. I discovered that my body needed more nutrition than I could get from a vegetarian diet. So one of my favorite foods is now sushi. I also like to eat healthy organic food.

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