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Beautiful Walking Clips!
If you or someone you know walks like poetry in motion, or if you want to see such ladies, read below the pictures!

Poetry in Motion!
These are the words that come to mind as you view our site host lady walking. We are paying $$$ for hot booty dancing and walking clips. Ladies needn't be pretty, but it's fine if they are. All they need to be is poetry in motion when they dance or walk! If you are such a lady, come to our site, and if you know such a lady, send her here!

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Bootyful AND Beautiful! This must be heaven! Read below the pictures for details about our BOOTYFUL exercise videos!

Bootyful AND Beautiful!
These are the words that come to mind as you view these pretty ladies doing exercises. There are 10 different exercise types and 5 different DVDs that feature NO nagging during exercise, NO telling you to diet or change or get rid of fat. These tapes see you as perfect just as you are, and there's even a separate motivational section where you can learn various self-esteem boosters in case all those oppressive dieting ads on TV have managed to convince you you're somehow unacceptable!

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Making Websites or Brochures, or Shooting Videos and Need Backgrounds or Establishing Shots?Read below!

FREE and Cheap Backgrounds!
How does two jam-packed DVDs with over 8.5 gigabytes of AVIs and JPEGs sound? And for under $3! You also get a 17-page tutorial (PDF and Word) that has everything you'll need to know about how to use these photos and these AVI videos as backgrounds, including tools you will need, how to edit them, and even info on using optional tools like Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 or 8, Serious Magic's Ultra 2, and green screens. There's an abundance of good, clear examples even a novice could follow. Special Price: $2.99 with free shipping.

Check 'em out now!