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walking sexy,sexy walk,stroll competition,walk,stroll,saunter,walking,walk wiggle,booty contest,hot body contest,butt contest,best butt contest,nice butt contest,ass contest,best ass contest,shaking ass contest,big booty contest
walking sexy,sexy walk,stroll competition,walk,stroll,saunter,walking,walk wiggle,booty contest,hot body contest,butt contest,best butt contest,nice butt contest,ass contest,best ass contest,shaking ass contest,big booty contest

Walking a Sexy Walk—You May Get Some Cash!

Get Cash!

We are paying $20 each for great walking or booty dancing clips that we decide are good enough. Make sure they are clips you own and have the rights to and that feature you, since if they contain anyone but you, we have to go get their permission (we'd prefer THEY contact us with the clips they are in).

We do not want nude clips, so please wear a minimum of a thong and bra, or lingerie, or a bikini, or other brief outfit, so we’re not “R-rated.” Walk, dance, or both as yummy as you can so everyone is hot to see your clips!

PLEASE DO NOT DO WALKING OR BOOTY DANCING IN FRONT OF ANYTHING YOU DON’T HAVE SOLE RIGHTS TO, SUCH AS background posters/pictures/photos, logos or art or designs on clothing or in the background or on storefronts. (Suggested background: plain wall, wallpaper, brick wall, fence, grass, sidewalk or street without signs or billboards.) We cannot use clips that infringe on anyone’s rights or copyrights. Any music or sounds are fine, since we don’t use sounds in submitted clips, or we supply our own. If we like your clips enough, we may wish to offer you a deal, like we did with Fanny and Tassy, who got their own DVDs.

If you send us clips, send to Pin the Tail on the Culture
Booty Clips
PO Box 22902
Eugene, OR 97402

More info is here.

Our walking clip offer is not about speed of walking, and it doesn't matter whether you're pretty. It's not a hot body contest, a booty contest, a big booty contest, a butt contest, a best butt contest, a nice butt contest, an ass contest, a best ass contest, a shaking ass contest. It's a beautiful walking clip offer. As far as we know, it's the first and only BEAUTIFUL walking clip offer, and a bigger booty helps give more walk wiggle, more shaking ass, more action, in short, more sexy walking, and a sexy walk is prettier than just a walk. A big booty can help a lot to make a walk beautiful, giving more curves, more shaking, more action, more wiggle than a smaller booty.

In OUR clip offer it's how head-turningly gorgeous the walk is that is the biggest factor, and a thin model's butt isn't usually curvey enough and the walk isn't usually yummy enough to compete with a bigger ass. A bigger booty wiggles better—a model isn't usually that good at shaking ass because she usually has such a small one. If a little-assed model enters and tries to prove us wrong, more power to her. It's just that over our lifetimes, we've noticed quite a few bigger booty ladies whose walk was thrilling, beautiful, hypnotic, yummy, irresistable, and so lively that it was simply breathtaking. All such ladies have had bigger than average butts.

So even though for our clip offer, the face doesn't matter, the body does because a hot body can walk prettier than an unattractive one. For these reasons, make sure when you enter that you show us how (deservedly) proud you are of having a nice butt by flaunting it with a sexy walk. And just in case the media has confused you about what's sexy, you should know that most wiggles and quivers and most shakings are pretty but a few types are not.

If you don't have a nice ass, you probably won't get $$$, since some walkers WILL have one.

Be particularly careful of wardrobe! Many ladies have been told they look "nicest" in pants that block all the wiggles so they look stiff and uninteresting. This may be great for the office and on the sidewalk, but it's all wrong for our dancing clip offer! Remember, you're trying to avoid attention on the street, but you're trying to GET admiring attention in our contest! Do not assume you know what we'll find attractive.

In truth, you may look best walking in thicker pants, thinner pants, a bathing suit, a bikini, a thong, or even in something like underwear or a short skirt. (We're TV-14 rated, which means no less than a thong and make sure nipples are 100% covered by your top. Nude entries will not be used, and neither will clips from anyone under 18 years old.) The critical thing is that the outfit EMPHASIZES all the pretty shaking and wiggles and DE-EMPHASIZES any weakness you have like skin blemishes, cellulite, overrweightness, tatoos, or scars. Butts that stick out behind need proud emphasis, not flattening by inappropriate pants! Do not assume a quiver is seen as overweight, since a small quiver can add beauty to a big wiggle, regardless of what you may have heard. A quiver is usually closer to the surface than a wiggle, and a wiggle is the butt muscles oscillating with each step. On the main offer site you'll see walking instructions and outfit advice as well.

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Here's a couple of sample walking clips. I imagine one step per 0.7 seconds or 1.5 steps per second may be optimal for many ladies but it depends on the body type and size and what looks liveliest and yummiest. Clip1 is beautiful, but Clip 2, though nice, shows tightness that unfortunately downplays those gorgeous curves. A variety of outfits would be wise for her as well to help bring out her "inner sexpot." I just made that expression up. You likee?    -----Wacko
 Fanny: Clip1
 Sample: Clip2
Walking a Sexy Walk—You May Get Cash!
Send us your walking clips—you may get cash.
Shake butt when you walk—you may get money.
What is the purpose of the walking clips?
What values are displayed on your sites and in your walking clips?
Cash for clips—if we like your walk.
Why put ladies in your walking clips in tight pants?
Is the jiggling of your ladies in your walking clips a good or bad thing?
Our walking clip offer is not a contest—but good clips may get you bucks.
Your walking clips are the exact opposite of the skinny model fad—but why?
Are your walking clips really to help women?
We're celebating women's beautiful walk—so send us your clips today.
Should kids be allowed to see your walking clips?
Should kids be allowed to see fashion shows full of skinny ladies?

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