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Booty Clips Purpose,shake butt,shake that butt,booty shake ass,ass shake video,shake your ass watch yourself,big ass shake,shake that phat ass,shake that ass watch yourself,shake her ass,shake tht ass,ass shake clip
Booty Clips Purpose,shake butt,shake that butt,booty shake ass,ass shake video,shake your ass watch yourself,big ass shake,shake that phat ass,shake that ass watch yourself,shake her ass,shake tht ass,ass shake clip

Shake Butt When You Walk—You May Get $$$!

Get Cash!

We are paying $20 each for great walking or booty dancing clips that we decide are good enough. Make sure they are clips you own and have the rights to and that feature you, since if they contain anyone but you, we have to go get their permission (we'd prefer THEY contact us with the clips they are in).

We do not want nude clips, so please wear a minimum of a thong and bra, or lingerie, or a bikini, or other brief outfit, so we’re not “R-rated.” Walk, dance, or both as yummy as you can so everyone is hot to see your clips!

PLEASE DO NOT DO WALKING OR BOOTY DANCING IN FRONT OF ANYTHING YOU DON’T HAVE SOLE RIGHTS TO, SUCH AS background posters/pictures/photos, logos or art or designs on clothing or in the background or on storefronts. (Suggested background: plain wall, wallpaper, brick wall, fence, grass, sidewalk or street without signs or billboards.) We cannot use clips that infringe on anyone’s rights or copyrights. Any music or sounds are fine, since we don’t use sounds in submitted clips, or we supply our own. If we like your clips enough, we may wish to offer you a deal, like we did with Fanny and Tassy, who got their own DVDs.

If you send us clips, send to Pin the Tail on the Culture
Booty Clips
PO Box 22902
Eugene, OR 97402

More info is here.

Our Booty Clips' Purpose

Q: What are your walking or booty dancing clips all about?

Q: What is the purpose of the walking or booty dancing clips?

Q: Are your websites sexist or exploitative?

How our walking or booty dancing clips' Values Contrast With Normal Media/Hollywood Values

Q: What are your walking or booty dancing clips all about?

A: The walking or booty dancing clips are our gift to the world. The gift is the yumminess of the clips themselves, and the better body role model they advocate, which we feel is important to combat the media's ugly nasty skinny model fad.

Q: What is the purpose of the walking or booty dancing clips?

A: There are many: To help save the lives of the eating disorder sufferers who are dying by the thousands yearly. To help stop the maiming of self-esteem and body image perpetrated by the dieting industry for corporate profit motives. To stop the oppression, rejection, and non-acceptance of the backside blessed, who are being discriminated against daily. To make a few bucks. To support the eating disorder associations in their quest to achieve many of the same goals as we. To get some more voluptuous dolls in the hands of young girls who are—at this moment—being conditioned to use scrawny fashion model dolls like Barbie as their role models that teach that skinny and boobs are good, but voluptuous butts are bad. To have fun. To give viewers and Hollywood healthier role models. There are others too numerous to mention.

Q: Are your websites sexist or exploitative?

A: See chart. All shows exploit something or someone. The question is: Are you comfortable with how it exploits and who it exploits? A team owner exploits its football stars and their bodies as well as the cheerleaders and their bodies. The first are forced to lift iron until they become huge beasts and then face death or maiming on a field. It’s okay with the stars though, because they feel the big bucks pays them to be exploited like this. The cheerleaders are exploited for their beauty but they're paid so they're happy to do it; and ladies line up for the privilege of being exploited this way. We’re all comfortable with these realities. A pimp exploiting his ladies is something we’re NOT comfortable with and we support laws that penalize him for being rotten to females by treating them this way, even with their consent. Producers exploit the talents of actors, armies exploit the willingness of mostly young men but a few young women to risk their lives to earn money for school (à la Jessica Lynch) or to get promotions and make a career of it at higher pay grades, and parents push kids into music lessons or sports the kids often engage in only to please the parent—surely they're often being exploited by these parents who are living through their successes. Employers exploit workers, kids exploit their mothers’ patience and love—and so it goes.

Our walking or booty dancing clips exploit many things. Almost all shows are full of pretty men and women whose looks are being exploited; so are our walking or booty dancing clips. Almost all shows are full of men’s and women’s bodies that meet the hunk or babe standards that happen to be the fad. These bodies are being exploited. The same is true of our walking or booty dancing clips, but with one exception. The walking or booty dancing clips' bodies do not represent the skinny big-busted boy-butted babe standard of today’s female role model, so the walking or booty dancing clips ladies’ bodies are being exploited for their NON-conformance to the fad, while most shows exploit lady’s bodies for their conformance to the fad. We feel we do our exploiting for two reasons. The first is the same reason as all other shows, and with most other shows it’s their only reason: profits. You make bucks or you're forced to quit. Our second reason is to save as many of the lives as possible of the millions of young women being seriously and sometimes fatally exploited by Hollywood/media conditioning to mistreat their bodies and self-esteem. Concomitantly we hope to come to the rescue of these women’s oppressed mental and physical health, mortality questions aside, and we have concluded that the walking or booty dancing clips (in addition to DVDs we sell and directories we support that have this same message, such as Walking Directory, Backside Directory, Exercise DVDs, DVDs, and our Comedy DVDs) are our best shot at accomplishing this. Keep in mind that the main definition of exploit is "to make productive use of." The definition that includes an unjustness connotation applies to things like migrant worker situations and prostitutes. Our show is without a doubt LESS unjust in its "exploitations" of its characters’ talents and assets than most: see chart.

In film parlance, violence, sex, sexiness, fear, hate, and a whole host of other adrenaline-pumping, thrilling methods of sensation provoking are acceptable and expectable in films or on TV to keep viewers interested as long as you don’t exploit these emotions in the audience to get ratings. Exploitation is when you blur the line between honestly presenting sensational aspects and unduly emphasizing them for ratings or box office appeal. Russ Meyers’ exploitation flix from the 1960s were purposely exploiting people’s interest in seeing very large, very bare breasts and cleavage in movies—and this audience didn’t care that the writing was laughable. It was soft-core porn at its most boobish, meant both ways. Most of the horror flix have unduly emphasized gore, scares, and fear so they'd make more money and are therefore basically exploitation entertainment. Most professional wrestling and hockey games unduly emphasize violence and are therefore basically exploitation entertainment. Most reality shows that are about who wins or who gets the man or woman unduly emphasize backstabbing, jealousy, immorality, sexuality, and deceit and are therefore basically exploitation entertainment. We are more than just awash in exploitation—we are virtually swimming in a sea of it in our entertainment.

So, do our walking or booty dancing clips blur the line between honestly presenting sensational aspects and unduly emphasizing them for the sake of ratings? Not a bit. Did they call Dolly Parton’s show exploitation because of mountainous mammaries, or just accept her for who she is and enjoy her show? Did anyone yank the world’s most popular show at one time—Baywatch—because of all the big boobs and backsides even though most of this flesh acreage was bare skin—and often jiggling? Hardly. Some called the former "exploitation," and all called the latter "exploitation." But the walking or booty dancing clips really do HONESTLY present the sensational aspects (big backsides) of its content, not UNDULY emphasizing them.

The show, to morons or bigots, may seem like just a cheek show. It isn't. But even if it was, we survived Baywatch just fine, and it was at 8 p.m. family hour, and it was a boobs AND butt show, not just a boob show or butt show, so they had twice as many offending (to morons or bigots) body parts as our walking or booty dancing clips. And, by their own definitions, feminists shouldn’t see our show as sexist (see below) or exploitative.

But the core of the issue is whether we've shown an honest presentation of our walking or booty dancing clips’ more sensational aspects as opposed to an exploitative one. The answer is emphatically YES. As a matter of fact, we’re the first that ever has shown an honest portrayal of the backside blessed. We gave as honest an opportunity as we could give for learning to love these lovable young ladies. We were trying to let you see past the J.Lo backsides to see the woman in front of the tail, as it were. You don’t objectify J.Lo as a mere rear end when you watch her movies and music videos, so why would you want to do that with our ladies? Most shows give a dishonest portrayal of backside blessed ladies by keeping the camera off the ladies, or keeping it above the waist only, or showing front shots only, or making them wear fat girl clothes, or making them hang a long shirt over their tail (e.g., Crystal Bernard in Wings). That way they avoid the 3 old ladies and 4 rightwing Fundamentalists that will complain. And yet this is much more than just a cop out.

Let’s think this through: Do they make the skinny ladies wear pants pads? Do they make the fashion model bodies wear sack dresses so we don’t get excited? Do they make fat ladies stand only in front of cameras with distortion lenses that make them lose half their bulk? Do they make bikini models wear one-piece bathing suits? Do they make big boob babes lash their boobs flat with duct tape before they can get in front of a camera? No, but they make the backside blessed NOT be backside blessed with how they photograph scenes, or avoid the hassle by not casting them to begin with. This has the effect of making these ladies either disappear or cease to exist, as far as visual media is concerned. This exploits the backside blessed unfairly, not because their sensational aspects are overemphasized but because they are dehumanized as nonentities or evil Jezebels that will corrupt all that come near them. It discriminates against a group of qualified people unfairly. And it deprives the public of the opportunity to get to know and love and accept many of the approximately 150,000 truly backside blessed women in this country because—since they're unrepresented in the media—there must be something wrong with these women, so they're to be avoided. They're UNACCEPTABLE is the message being sent. Better a lady is fat than backsidely voluptuous, since the former IS represented in the media, so they must be okay—acceptable.

Finally, let’s put this in a David Riesman context. In his 1950s classic, The Lonely Crowd, he outlined America’s two nonself-directed personalities, the Other-Directed that does what the crowd (peers, etc.) wants her to, and the Inner-Directed that does what her internalized parents (the Freudian superego) wants her to. Both modes of directedness are OTHER with respect to the Self. Only the Autonomous personality is directed by the conscious self. This is the ideal state, to Riesman, and every wise shrink or sociologist that came after him. A few mixed up what Inner-Directedness is about and confused it with self-direction. But most got it right. In working with our clips’ ladies—those we know—we encourage them to be as autonomous as possible in life, especially since they are backside blessed, because others apparently want them to cease to exist or wear barrels or just disappear. Being other-directed would make for a lousy life choice under such conditions! Being inner-directed looks even less promising, since the guilt of being different and miserably failing to develop a fashion model body or even just a normal, average body like one’s parents hoped one would do could drive one into taking a long walk on a short pier. We also encourage our ladies (example: Fanny and the Assets exercise DVDs) to encourage the evolution of autonomy in their viewing audience, especially those with an eating disorder, since the latter is often connected to media brainwashing aimed at the other-directed. Autonomous ladies can and do laugh at others’ expectations for them with regards to body type. Being one’s own person isn't about not listening to others’ ideas or avoiding media, but it most certainly entails not being directed by others’ ideas but rather thinking for oneself, and enjoying media for what it is rather than letting the media tell one who one is, or what to do or buy or think or believe.

In summary, then, other shows exploit the backside blessed but we do not.

Whether you prefer Who Stole Feminism? by Christina Hoff Sommers or Revolution From Within by Gloria Steinem, either book will let you know much about feminism and sexism. Our conclusion is that the radical feminists have so over-applied this word sexism that it has ceased to have much meaning for most people. Of the definitions that still have any import in the current culture, the definition of sexism that relates to discrimination against women applies to our walking or booty dancing clips much less than anything else around since we’re the only one hiring out of the backside blessed population that’s received decades of discrimination. The other sexism definition is about behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. We’re heroes there too, since we’re fighting harder than anyone we know of to reverse harmful body-image stereotypes that are killing or physically and mentally wounding our country’s young people. These stereotypes covertly insist that to successfully fill the social role of an acceptable, desirable woman, you need Paris Hilton’s scrawny, unattractive, over-flaunted body or something close to it, or at least the thin, but attractive body of any of our TV or movie stars or the lean models found in TV commercials.

In summary, then, there is less sexism and exploitation going on in our walking or booty dancing clips than in most TV shows.

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Here's a couple of sample booty clips. If you do this stuff (for example) and have a great booty, even if you are not attractive otherwise, we're very likely to be hot for your videos (if you're a guy, get your bootilicious girlfriends making clips).
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Shake Butt When You Walk—You May Get $$$!
Send us your walking clips—you may get cash.
Shake butt when you walk—you may get money.
What is the purpose of the walking clips?
What values are displayed on your sites and in your walking clips?
Cash for clips—if we like your walk.
Why put ladies in your walking clips in tight pants?
Is the jiggling of your ladies in your walking clips a good or bad thing?
Our walking clip offer is not a contest—but good clips may get you bucks.
Your walking clips are the exact opposite of the skinny model fad—but why?
Are your walking clips really to help women?
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Should kids be allowed to see your walking clips?
Should kids be allowed to see fashion shows full of skinny ladies?

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