CONTEST ends at 11:59 PM (PT) on December 31, 2006.
      Note: In the following, the words “we,” “our,” “us,” “PIN,” and “Pin the Tail on the Culture,” all denote the judges and sponsors of the contest; "this website," "our website," "this site," "the site," "the website," or "our site" all denote the site you're now on,; “she,” “ladies,” “lady,” and “walker” all denote the female entrant to the contest; and “you,” denotes either Walker or Photographer, depending on context.
    1. WHO MAY ENTER: Terms: She who does the walking to be judged is the "Walker." S/he who photographs the Walker is the "Photographer." Any female 18 years old or more at the moment of photography may enter as the Walker. Any person 18 years old or more at the moment of photography may enter as the Photographer. There are 3 ways to enter: (1) Jointly, (2) only the Photographer enters, (3) only the Walker enters. In ALL cases, the Walker must sign our release form okaying our site’s use of her walking clip, and in ALL cases, the Photographer must sign our release for our use of the clips, declaring that the Walker did indeed give us permission to use the walking clip. You will find the needed forms at the end of these rules. Please print them and use them.
    2. MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS: Photographers may enter as many walking clips of as many ladies as they like, but Photographer and Walker forms must be filled out for each separate entry. A given single entry may contain a lot of walking clips of a single lady—this increases the chances of an entry being accepted. If the walking clips of the three prize winners come from the same photographer, that’s fine with us. We’re looking for beautiful walking, and if less than 3 photographers send us the best 3 clips, so be it. But each winning clip must be of a different lady. If the Walker and Photographer are the same person, that's fine, but it may be a bit challenging to get good results.
    3. PRIZES: Three prizes will be given. $1000 first prize, $250 second prize, and $100 third prize. Whoever enters the contest—the Walker or the Photographer—gets the prize. Whether the photographer/walker entrants share the money or not is up to the entrants to work out. But if entrants wish to share it, then the most secure arrangement is to enter JOINTLY, since IF YOU WIN AND YOU ENTERED JOINTLY, WE’LL SEND HALF THE PRIZE TO EACH OF YOU.

      Good news, ladies: EVERY LADY that sends in a moving clip of herself and enters as the Walker will automatically get free 1-year memberships (a $20 value) in each of our two other online databases: (a casting-type database listing and showing ladies with exceptionally attractive backsides) and (a casting-type database listing and showing ladies with exceptionally attractive walking). No other legitimate casting sites allow either of these 2 assets to be considered—often, they don't even show rear views, so if these features/talents are some of your most attractive assets, there's no way for interested parties to learn about them. But our 2 new sites, in addition to the main site, are changing this reality!
    4. HOW TO APPROACH LADIES YOU WANT TO PHOTOGRAPH: "Excuse me, ma’am, do you mind if I videotape you? I’m trying to find the most beautiful walker in the whole country, and, as far as I can tell, you are the right choice. I’m trying to win a photography contest. Please could I tape you?" IF YOU GET TURNED DOWN, NEXT SAY: "If you're uncomfortable someone might recognize you, I tell you what: I’ll promise not to photograph your face, so no one on earth will have any idea who the beautiful lady is. Okay? I can even give you a copy of the video clip." IF YOU STILL GET TURNED DOWN, SAY: "I forget to tell you, there's a $1000 prize if I win, and I can enter us jointly so you get half the money. Pretty please?" If you still get turned down, gracefully thank her for hearing you out and then go away. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT ACT LIKE A LURKER OR STALKER AND TAKE HER PICTURE ANYWAY. EVEN THOUGH THERE SEEMS TO BE NO LAW AGAINST IT, WE EXPECT THERE WILL BE SOON, AS THEY’RE PASSING ANTI-"VOYEUR" LEGISLATION ALL OVER THE PLACE. BESIDES, IF YOU FOLLOW AN UNWILLING LADY, SHE CAN CLAIM YOU'RE DISTURBING HER PEACE OR HARRASSING HER OR STALKNG HER AND YOU CAN'T PROVE OTHERWISE. SO BEHAVE YOURSELF! If you happen to already know a lady who walks great, tape her walk and enter jointly. If you send us a recording of a lady walking but she wouldn’t sign the release, we’ll enjoy it but it will not be accepted as an entry, nor will it be listed in our other two directories.
    5. HOW TO VIDEOTAPE THE WALKER: (You can shoot video with many digital STILL cameras!) If you stay stationary, very carefully adjust the focus as she walks away about 6 to 8 steps and then adjust it the other way as she returns. If you walk behind her, it helps to have a steadicam or other camera stabilizer, or a dolly, or a track. If the lens is at the level of the Walker’s backside, where most of the action is, it makes the shot more effective. A couple shots that include head and feet should be followed by a couple from the knees up and for good measure a couple from shoulders to knees. Pants that really shape the backside into a bubble-butt are a big plus. Make sure most clips are rear views, as front views have little chance of winning. Regardless of how much you and/or the Walker are sure that quiver or jiggle are not aesthetic, making sure there's a shot or 2 in either a bikini or thin pants that allow jiggle and quiver is a very good idea, as such a shot may just win the Contest. A quiver on one lady can look unappealing, while on another it can be gorgeous. Whatever you do, don’t simply be guided by the fat-is-evil skinny-model standards where plastic struts and sashays win the day. Our example walker on the website (the rear-shot video clips beneath the Fanny and Wacko welcoming graphic) gives you the idea of what we consider good walking on an all-muscle backside, but a quiver added to the formula, on a backside that is not all muscle, would be delightful too.
    6. JUDGES: Pin the Tail on the Culture, Inc. (PIN). The decision of the judges is final.
    7. CRITERIA: Contestants will be judged according to the beauty of their walk. (Note: We do not especially care for either the stiff, plastic walk of beauty contestants or the phony, strutting sashay of many models. You're unlikely to win using this standard—but it depends upon who enters. Finish reading these rules and you'll know how to walk more attractively.) SPECIFIC CRITERIA:
      1. A. Overall body, not face, attractiveness: You can win the contest even if you're plain or homely! It’s not a beauty contest! If a gorgeous lady with a walk we give a 95 (out of 100) is compared with a homely lady with a walk we give a 96, the 96 wins the comparison. If two ladies get a 99 score, the one with better overall body attractiveness wins the comparison if all else is equal.
      2. If two ladies tie but one has a better "bubble-butt", the "bubble-butt" lady wins the comparison, since we’re trying to promote an alternative to the skinny-model ideal.
      3. If two ladies tie in all ways, the one with the bigger backside wins the comparison, since we’re trying to promote an alternative to the skinny-model ideal.
      4. If two ladies tie in all ways, the one with the smaller waist wins the comparison, A lady with a smaller waist will usually walk better than a lady with a bigger waist, regardless of backside size, and she’ll look more attractive as well.
      5. If two ladies tie in all ways, the one whose cheeks oscillate up and down most beautifully wins the comparison. We know poetry in motion when we see it!
      6. If two ladies tie in all ways, and only one of the ladies has cheeks that quiver a bit, the one whose cheeks quiver a bit wins the comparison, since we’re trying to promote an alternative to the skinny-model ideal where all body fat is seen as evil. Ladies need 20% to 27% body fat. A lady with a LOT of quiver could potentially win the contest, since sometimes a lively, quivering backside is a delight to see. It depends on how beautiful the quiver is.
      7. If you have cellulite or skin blemishes, keep these covered and you may still win. If you tie with a lady who has clearer skin and your imperfection is showing in your clip, the other lady wins the comparison.
      8. H.If you tie with a lady who shows her face in her clip but your clip shows no face, the lady with the visible face wins the comparison, regardless of whether she is pretty or homely, because we want ladies to be proud of being beautiful walkers. Besides, if you win, it will be hard for this win to help launch your career if no one can see who you are.
      9. Some ladies look best walking in pants, some in bikini bathing suits or undies, some in shorts, some in skirts. What you wear will have NO effect on your score except inasmuch as it has a positive or negative impact on your walking characterstics! If you choose pants and they block some of your oscillations or lovely quivers, your walk will be seen as less beautiful. But if the pants are thin enough to block nothing pretty in your walk, or if even thicker pants like jeans cannot hide the majesty of the lovely details of your pretty walk, your choosing pants is appropriate.
      10. The least amount of clothing we accept in this contest will be a thong bathing suit or thong undies on the bottom and a top that totally covers your nipples. If we see any part of your nipples because the top is either missing or transparent, we’ll admire the clip but it won't be entered in the contest unless we happen to feel like editing in blurs or censorship boxes. If we see public hair and/or genitals because a bottom is either missing or transparent, we’ll admire the clip but it won't be entered in the contest unless we happen to feel like editing in blurs or censorship boxes. Maybe we’ll have a bare contest someday since we find all parts of women’s bodies to be natural and beautiful. But this is not that contest. We want to be rated TV-14 like TV shows such as Las Vegas or those model shows or Victoria’s Secret specials, etc. We show no more than these shows do. They have thong-clad backsides and jiggle, and so do we. But they mostly push the scrawny model ideal, while we feel that a more voluptuous, natural standard is healthier and less oppressive to women than the starved, bony, butt-less look. In your heart you know we’re right. People throughout history have mostly agreed with OUR standard, not the current starved look.
      11. If backsides or breasts jiggle, it’s not the ones that jiggle MOST that win the comparison, but the ones that jiggle most beautifully. Whether this is the MOST jiggling or the biggest jiggle or not is up to the judges. Remember, we’re trying to promote an alternative to the skinny-model ideal where all body fat is seen as evil. Ladies need 20% to 27% body fat. A lady with a LOT of quiver could potentially win the contest, since sometimes a lively, quivering backside or chest is a delight to see. But there can also be too much of a good thing. The best way, logically, to improve your chances is to get filmed in pants as well as a bikini and let US determine if the quiver and jiggle get MORE aesthetic or less aesthetic with more fabric on them. But if you're modest and want to be in pants, skirt, or shorts, just make sure the fabric isn't so thick that all jiggle or quiver is stopped. You may have been told that jiggle or quiver is bad, ugly, means you're fat, or some other nonsense. We don’t buy it. If the lady our site uses as an example had quiver as well as the wonderful oscillations you see in her walk, that would be just fine, natural, beautiful, and aesthetic. But she's a dancer and her gorgeous backside is all muscle with no quiver. That too is just fine, natural, beautiful, and aesthetic. She's perfect the way she is and so are you! (But she can't win—she's working for us.)
      12. If two ladies tie otherwise, the lady with the prettiest movement in the backside area wins the comparison.
      13. If two ladies tie otherwise, the lady with the prettiest movement in the chest area wins the comparison.
      14. There will be no chance or luck in this contest—if two ladies both get a 97 and seem to tie otherwise, the lady with the prettiest legs wins the comparison.
    8. MISCELLANEOUS: Please do NOT send entry files as TV-type DVD files (VOB) that will only work on a set-top DVD player and are a pain to convert to DV or WMV. If you don’t know how to do this, ask the people running businesses listed in the VIDEO DUPLICATION & TRANSFER category of your phone book’s yellow pages. Or have them take your digital tape or Hi-8 tape or whatever and do it for you. If we cannot load your file or view it, or if there are technical problems with it, it won’t be entered in the contest. Make sure you don’t film in front of copyrighted artwork, sculptures, or buildings, and do NOT wear a shirt or jacket or hat with copyrighted material or trademarks or any visible logos, and do not have music audible. Whatever you send becomes the property of Pin the Tail on the Culture, Inc. ("PIN") and we cannot return it to you.
    9. YOUR INFORMATION: Info for the site only: Name, which can be real or fake, and an email address that will reach you. (You don't need to give your personal email address for the site link if you're worried about spam. See the PRIVACY section below.) Info for the forms only: We must have real name info on the forms so you, using your real name and personal email address, have promised us you have the rights to your clips and you are giving those rights to us so we can use the clips on our site, and that you are who you say you are. (See the PRIVACY section below.) Prize winners will also be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility verifying compliance with rules and a publicity release—all standard for contest winners. These documents must be signed, notarized and returned within fourteen (14) days of issuance of notification. Failure to comply will result in disqualification and the prize will be forfeited and will be awarded to the entrant who received the next highest score.

    10. INITIALLY: Until we have enough acceptable clips to launch our PAID area, all areas are UNPAID—including watching clips move.

      EVENTUALLY: If your clip is accepted, its still image will be displayed in the unpaid and paid areas of our site. The paid area is basically the same as the unpaid area except that you need a 3-day-pass (for $9.95) and the password your payment gets you, in order to enter this area. In the paid area, the clips move when their images are clicked on, as opposed to NOT moving when clicked on, like in the unpaid area. In both areas, there will be 2 free links displayed that show your (all accepted and some unaccepted clip ladies) email or sneakemail or site addresses, so all visitors, paid and unpaid, will ALWAYS be able to see your (all accepted and some unaccepted clip ladies) links and (still) clip image and respond, unless the site is down, but our host is big and capable so that's extremely unlikely. If we like the (optional) still photo image files sent to us by either acceptable-clips ladies or UNacceptable-clips ladies, we may display whatever ones we like on paid and unpaid areas. Any UNacceptable-clips ladies that get still image(s?) and links on paid and unpaid areas do so ONLY because they're good body role models for women, in our opinion—but they'll never get unaccepted moving clips displayed.
    11. ACCEPTANCE OF YOUR WALKING CLIP: We reserve the right to not accept any clip that fails to meet our standards of pretty walking or violates any contest rule or for any other reason. How fussy we are will depend on the number of entries. By submitting your clips and photos, you are giving us the right, but not the obligation, to use your clips and photos on this site or any PIN walking-related or attractive backside-related web site. Your submitting of clips to us signifies your assigning PIN the rights to the clips to put on any PIN walking-related or attractive backside-related web site and the right to charge visitors money to see them if we wish without any compensation to you. (Note: All our sites are TV-14 rated; we have no adult [R or X-rated] sites and we never will—see section 7-J above.) No clips will be returned. We reserve the right to use clips or photos that are too revealing (according to our rules) by adding a censorship box, blurring, or otherwise editing them; and we also reserve the right to contact an entrant, tell her her clip wasn't quite acceptable and why, and encourage her to re-enter with a more appropriate clip. Clips with music will be turned into silent clips, so don't include music, please.

      There are 3 levels of acceptance, but be sure you read section 9, above, before trying to understand these levels: (1) We may accept your clip and enter you in the contest in which case we'll put your moving video clip on this site as well, and we MAY include a photo image of you as well as your clip image in the free or paid areas of our site. (2) We may reject your clip and therefore NOT enter you in the contest, since only those entrants who send 1 or more acceptable clips are entered, but if we like your looks and/or feel your body would be a good role model for women to see, we may let you be in the free and paid areas of our site, where we MAY include a photo image of you as well, but we will NOT display your moving video clip anywhere on any site. (3) We may feel you're not right for our contest or any area of this site, in which case you won't get entered or on this web site anywhere. Thanks for your contribution, anyway! (And check out section 3, above, for 2 freebies ALL ladies will get if they entered as the Walker and sent us clips of themselves walking.) For more clarification on who gets what where, see section 12 below.
    12. WHY SHOULD YOU WANT TO ENTER THE CONTEST?: There are several reasons. (1) The obvious one is that you may win $1000, $250, or $100. The odds of winning depend on the number of entrants. (2) Another reason to enter is that all entrants with acceptable clips and some entrants without acceptable clips (see sections 9 and 12) will be given 2 free links that will be placed near your clip image on our site and that can have any 2 of the following: your email address, your personal web site address, and even your (or similar casting site) address if you're a Walker who’s an actress wannabe. If you're a Photographer, you get an email address and a personal or studio web address. If the Photographer and Walker enter the contest jointly, they each get one link of their choice. No P.O. boxes or physical addresses or phone numbers will be allowed. (3) Another reason is, if you send us a still image file (e.g., JPEG, or other fle type, of your face, front, or side view), we may (but are not obligated to do it) put it next to your clip's image on our site. (4) Another reason, if you're entering as the Walker and send us a clip of yourself walking, is to get included for 1 year for free in 2 other sites' databases (see section 3, above) to increase your casting or job prospects. (5) Another reason is to help us fight the tyranny of the skinny fashion model body role model that’s being drilled into the heads of our country’s females daily (the young are especially vulnerable), and creating unhealthy, unrealistic standards that are dangerous (even fatal) and oppressive and psychologically damaging.
    13. LINKS YOU WILL GET: Two links per acceptable entry: examples are your email address (either personal or Sneakemail address is okay here), your personal web site address, your address, your studio web address, etc., and this is assuming your clip is accepted. If it is NOT accepted but we like your looks and/or feel your body would be a good role model for women to see, we may let you be in the paid and unpaid areas of our site (but your clip will NOT move). Read more about this in section 9.
      Unpaid Area Paid Area
      2 Free Links ALL entrants with
      acceptable clips
      & SOME entrants
      without them
      ALL entrants with
      acceptable clips
      & SOME entrants
      without them
      Moving Clip NONEALL entrants with
      acceptable clips
      & NO entrants
      without them
      Clip Image ALL entrants with
      acceptable clips
      & SOME entrants
      without them
      ALL entrants with
      acceptable clips
      & SOME entrants
      without them
      Photo Image SOME entrants with
      acceptable clips
      & SOME entrants
      without them
      SOME entrants with
      acceptable clips
      & SOME entrants
      without them
      1-Year Membership in for all Walker entrants __
      1-Year Membership in for all Walker entrants __
    15. PRIVACY: From the links near your clip on our website, people will learn your name or nickname or made-up name and some email address or your website address. If you’re nervous about spam, use a sneakemail address. But our official release forms which you fill out that only we see must contain your real name and personal email address, which we will keep private. And if you win, you need to fill in an affidavit to prove who you are TO US so we send the money to the right person. We will NOT divulge your name or other info to anyone unless they have a court order. When we publish the winners’ names, we will use only the name you are using for the clip, not your real name. In most cases, people will want to use real names since they’ll be proud of being a beautiful walker and want casting directors and/or agents and/or producers to see how beautifully they can move! But your real name is NOT required for the name we display on our site. Do NOT use celebrity names to be funny, or nasty names.

      NOTE: is a wonderful solution to spam as well as some unwanted company or person getting your email address and then sending unwelcome emails. Sneakemail gives you as many disposable email addresses as you need for FREE, and everytime you're getting spam or unwelcome emails, just delete that address at the Sneakemail site and get another one. You'll never get email with the old address again! THIS MEANS THAT IF YOU GIVE US A SNEAKEMAIL ADDRESS FOR OUR SITE AND IT GETS SPAM, YOU WILL EITHER BE ABLE TO UPDATE YOUR OWN LISTING WITH A NEW ADDRESS, OR YOU MAY SEND US A NEW ADDRESS, AND ASK US TO CHANGE IT ON THE SITE, THEN DELETE THE OLD ADDRESS AT SNEAKEMAIL. PROBLEM SOLVED!
    16. HOW TO WALK: Many backside blessed women have learned to hold their hips rigidly (so as to not call attention to their backside, or wiggle or bounce inadvertently). This may have worked well for them on the streets and sidewalks, since they don't wish to attract stalkers, losers and harrassers. That's smart: in fact it's called "street smarts." But if your body manifests all this defensive "armor" and rigid walking patterns in front of the camera, you'll be communicating a message antithetical to our site's purpose, so in this paragraph we’ll help you to "loosen up" and get you expressing not defensiveness but freedom, femaleness, openness, poetry in motion, and physical beauty so the camera loves you, and if the camera loves you, so will our site visitors. We want you to move naturally and fluidly. Check out the clip of our example lady. Notice that she does not swing her hips from side to side horizontally like a scrawny clothing model vamping, strutting and sashaying on a runway. The hip movements are VERTICAL. From behind, this means one hip/bun goes up a little and the other goes down a little and then they alternate, and it looks nice. And female. And glamorous. The female pelvis is built to walk that way. Those of you (like our example lady) who are into dance and other types of movement should be able to see what's happening right away. What you all can see is that her hips move freely and she doesn't "hold" them in any way—she lets loose of her backside muscles totally. They don't swing unnaturally from side to side, but rotate forward to back and up and down. When you practice, you'll find that you'll be able to do this by letting go of your holding patterns rather than by actually forcing yourself to move like this. Have fun. Some of you may already be good at this; others may have to regain a lost art your body knew naturally when you were 13 but when you reached physical maturity suddenly and boys teased you, you turned your pelvis into stone to stop the teasing and have been walking FROZEN ever since. (This happens a LOT in this country.) Loosen up, ladies. Above all, we'd like to encourage you to allow your body to express LIVELINESS. The camera adores liveliness. And so do we. And so do directors, such as Steven Spielberg—his wonderful movies prove it. Get the point?
    17. HOW TO ENTER: The following is the only way to enter the Contest:

      Read these rules—by submitting an entry, you are certifying you've read and understood the rules.
      Recordings must be at least six (6) seconds long of the rear view of a female.
      Recordings must be mailed to Pin the Tail on the Culture, Inc., PO Box 26401, Eugene, OR 97402.
      Recordings must be accompanied by two completely and accurately filled in forms: ContestWalkerRelease.pdf and
            VideographerRelease.pdf, whose links are found at the end of this page.
      Recordings must be on a CD or DVD.
      Files on the CD or DVD must be in one of the following formats: AVI  DV, WMV, certain web-compatible MPEGs, or MOV, and
            optional image files in JPEG, BMP or other such formats, that should enhance presentation to any casting or job prospects.

      CD or DVD envelope or case must have a label that CLEARLY indicates the entrant’s name, and email address. You may hand-write info on the label side of the disc with a CD-marker, but DON'T put a sticky label on it! They can gum up or wreck players so DVDs or CDs with paper labels will be disqualified! Feel free to include along with your clip, if you wish, a face or other frontal or side view JPEG image (or other computer file type for images) which we may display with your clip, if it seems appropriate to us. (Suggestion: side view of body from mid-thigh to top of head with face turned toward camera, since great walkers often have GREAT side views.) This particular photo may have been used elsewhere as it isn't the entry to be considered, but you must own all rights to it. But your video clip (i) may not have been previously published or won any other prize/award, (ii) must be the exclusive original work of the entrants, true and verifiable and you must have all rights to it, (iii) may be with or without audio—we don’t care as long as the sound is NOT music or background TV—since music and TV are copyrighted, (iv) may not be inappropriate or offensive, as determined by PIN in its sole discretion, and (v) may not defame or invade publicity rights or privacy of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon any person’s personal or property rights or any other third party rights such as copyright.

      ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED BY 11:59 PM (PT) ON December 31, 2006. No entries with illegible, incomplete, forged or altered forms will be accepted.

      All entries, including forms and clips and image files and DVDs or CDs, become the exclusive property of PIN and will not be returned. By submitting entry, entrant represents that (s)he has the unrestricted right to submit his/her clip and (optional) images and no such clip or image infringes upon any third party's proprietary or other rights. By entering, each entrant unconditionally assigns and transfers to PIN any and all rights which they now have or may in the future have to the submitted clips or photo images including, without limitation, the copyrights therein, in any medium whatsoever. PIN will have the unrestricted right to use, alter, publish, display or transfer each clip however it sees fit without further approval of or payment to entrant.
    18. SELECTION OF WINNERS: Three prize winners will be selected from among all acceptable entries received. The winners will be selected in January 2007 (as long as there have been at least 10 acceptable entries—if not, we reserve the right to extend the deadline of the contest until there have been 10 acceptable entries) on the basis of the CRITERIA given above, by representatives of PIN, whose decisions are final on all matters relating to this Contest. Winners will be notified by email—if you don't get a winner congratulating email, you didn't win. There will be no ties.
    19. ELIGIBILITY: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Contest open to individuals age 18 or older who are legal residents of the United States, except those living in Rhode Island or in Florida or in Arizona, and except employees or work-for-hires or contract workers (and their immediate families and members of the same household) of PIN, its affiliates, agents, judges and advertising and promotion agencies.
    20. VERIFICATION OF WINNER AND DELIVERY OF PRIZE: Winners will be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility and liability release and, where permitted, a publicity release. Prize may be forfeited if affidavit is not returned within 14 days after mailing to winners or if prize notification letter or prize is returned as undeliverable or if 3 attempts to contact entrant by email are unsuccessful. Winners agree to our use of their names or invented names given us to use on our site, as well as our use of the email address they give us for website display, the clips, and/or prize information for promotional purposes in any medium without additional compensation to the extent permitted by law. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the winner. No transfer or substitution of prizes permitted, nor will getting money instead of free site memberships be allowed.
    21. GENERAL: This Contest is void in Rhode Island and in Florida and in Arizona (where registration is required) and also void in any country outside of the United States and also void where prohibited or restricted by law and subject to all applicable country, federal, state and local laws and regulations. This Contest will be governed by the internal laws of the State of Oregon, USA. Any and all legal actions or claims arising in connection with this Contest must be brought in an Oregon court of competent jurisdiction within the United States of America. PIN and judges are not responsible for late, lost, stolen, damaged, garbled, incomplete, misaddressed, postage due, or misdirected entries, mail or communications, for errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, or delays in operations or transmission of information, in each case whether arising by way of technical or other failures or malfunctions of computer hardware, software, communications devices, or transmission lines or data corruption, theft, destruction, unauthorized access to or alteration of entry materials, loss or otherwise. Further, PIN and judges are not responsible for electronic communications which are undeliverable as a result of any form of active or passive spam or other filtering of any kind, or insufficient space in entrant's e-mail account to receive email messages. The use of automated software or computer programs to register or to enter the Contest or that are embedded in any Flash Ad/Video/Message is prohibited and any individual who uses or attempts to use such methods to register or to enter will be disqualified. PIN disclaims any liability for damage to any computer system resulting from participation in, or accessing or downloading information in connection with, this Contest, and reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, cancel, terminate or suspend this Contest should any virus, bug, technical failures, unauthorized human intervention or other causes beyond PIN’s control corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness or proper conduct of the Contest. In the event of any such cancellation, termination or suspension, a notice will be posted and the winner will be selected from among all eligible entries received prior to such time. PIN reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any entrant from this Contest or any other promotion conducted now or in the future by PIN or any of its affiliates if his or her fraud or misconduct affects the integrity of the Contest. By participating in this Contest, each entrant accepts the conditions stated in these Official Rules, agrees to be bound by the decisions of the judges and warrants that s/he is eligible to participate in this Contest. By accepting the prize, winners agree to release PIN, its directors, employees, officers, and agents, including without limitation, its advertising and promotion agencies, from any and all liability, loss or damages arising from or in connection with the awarding, receipt, and/or use or misuse of prize or participation in any prize-related activities.
    23. WINNERS LIST: To obtain names of the winners, visit this site beginning in January 2007. Winners to be posted no later than January 31, 2007 unless the contest has been extended.
    24. ADDRESS: Pin the Tail on the Culture, Inc., PO Box 26401, Eugene, OR 97402.

      © 2006 Pin the Tail on the Culture, Inc.




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